How to Fix a Fake News Story

An engineer at a major tech company has uncovered a major flaw in one of the most widely-used news aggregators on the Internet: a fake news story published by the company that falsely claims to be the origin of an Uber driver’s killing.

The article was published by an outlet known as the Real News Network, a group of news aggregator companies that promote fake news and other conspiracy theories.

According to the article, a taxi driver in China killed in a bizarre accident in July was a “conspiracy theorist.”

The driver, who has not been identified, is said to have fabricated his own death to promote his own conspiracy theories about Uber, the driver said in the article.

The driver is now seeking compensation from Uber for his losses.

The company’s official response to the story was posted on Medium, an online forum that hosts hoaxes and other news content.

The company’s statement said that the RealNews Network is “a platform for the dissemination of unverified news, propaganda and conspiracy theories.”

The company said that it is reviewing the article and that it would work with law enforcement to take appropriate action if warranted.

The story was first posted on August 24, but the company said it was updated on Tuesday to remove it from Medium.

A representative for Uber told Vice News that the company had no immediate comment on the story.