When the world’s most important architects are in their 40s, according to an engineer with the world wide web

A senior executive with Google is retiring after 20 years, according a report.

The man, who has not been identified, is the CEO of Google’s Architectural Engineering Group, according To The Verge.

He was the architect of the company’s web search engine and the design and engineering of its search advertising platform, which has grown to be the dominant search engine in the world.

Google is paying him $40 million a year to work on the organisation’s website redesign.

The firm has said that he will be replaced by a person who will be hired at a later date.

It’s unclear who this new person will be. 

But this isn’t the first time the firm has brought in someone from outside its own ranks.

In 2013, Google hired former Google software engineer Marc Benioff, who had worked at the firm’s internet search company, to lead its design and development of its self-driving car project.

Google said in a statement that Benioef had worked with its architecture team for the last decade and had built “strong relationships with many leading architects, designers and engineers”.

“Marc was a tireless advocate for the importance of architecture and his contributions to the design of Google search have been deeply appreciated by everyone who worked with him on Google search, including us,” Google said.