Disney to build the world’s first electric-powered jet engine

A big step toward electric-fueled jets is finally here with the first new jet engine in a century.

The Wankel Engine will be built at Disney’s California Assembly Plant in Southern California, a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce.

Disney announced it’s partnering with the Japanese company to build a prototype for the first-ever electric-driven jet engine, called Wankel-T.

This will be the world first electric jet engine to go to production, with a goal of producing 500,000 electric jets a year by 2025.

The engine is a combination of a jet engine and a turbine.

It uses a jet fuel that is cooled by a water turbine that spins.

It’s designed to run on water, a water-cooled, electric turbine that can be run on batteries, or on propane.

The turbine is connected to the jet engine via a pair of lithium-ion batteries.

The two batteries are connected by a single, long cable.

The cable runs through a pair the plane’s propellers, which are used to spin the turbine.

The blades spin at more than 100,000 revolutions per minute.

The plane is powered by the electric motors and turbines on the wings and tail of the plane.

It has a range of more than 2,000 miles.

The first electric plane powered by this design, the Boeing 737 MAX, was built in the 1960s and used to fly over the Pacific in the early 1970s.

A number of airlines have already been using this design.

The new Wankel engine will be powered by lithium-air batteries, which will be used for the wings, and propane, which can be used in the fuel tanks.

The company said it plans to use about 20% of the fuel in the Wankel fuel tanks to power the plane, which has a maximum range of over 1,000 nautical miles.

Walt Disney World will debut its first electric aircraft in 2021.