An FBI investigation reveals a sophisticated spoon engine used in a spoon attack on an electrical appliance

An FBI special agent has said she has found no evidence that the spoons used in an electric spoon attack against a house in North Carolina were the same spoons that were used in the attack.

The agent, whose name has not been released, told reporters Tuesday that she and her team of investigators were working on the case after receiving a tip that a kitchen appliance had been used to inflict damage to an electrical panel in the home.

In her interview with the Associated Press, the agent said that they found no signs of tampering or tampering with equipment, adding that she did not believe the attack was a hoax.

The spoons, which have a spindle that can rotate and is designed to make a vacuum, were used to cause damage to a stove, microwave and electrical appliances that were being used in two different rooms, according to the FBI’s official complaint filed against the suspect, James W. Wilson.

The FBI said in its complaint that the suspects’ motive for the attack is unknown.