What you need to know about the new CELVIS study

Posted June 28, 2018 07:24:03 Australian Financial Report (AFR) is reporting that the Department of Finance has begun releasing details of its new study, which will look at the impact of new carbon pricing on the Australian economy.

It is being led by the Centre for Climate and Energy Economics (CCE), an independent research group based in Melbourne, which has been working with the federal government on a study of the impact on carbon pricing across the world.

The CCE will also examine the impact that carbon pricing has on carbon pollution and energy prices, and how it could help Australian businesses and households.

The report is expected to be released next week.

It will examine the effects of carbon pricing in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

It has been described as the “first comprehensive assessment of the global carbon price mechanism”, and will be conducted by experts from several universities, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), and a large financial firm.AEMG is an independent body that monitors global energy markets.

It has been a key player in setting the global energy price mechanism, and its experts will have access to information on the global price mechanism from other sources.

The report will be released in conjunction with the AEMG Annual Conference, taking place this year.

The new study will examine how a carbon price impacts emissions, and will also consider the economic implications.

The study will also look at what impact a carbon pricing system would have on Australia’s emissions trading scheme.

It is expected that it will also focus on the economic impacts of a carbon tax, particularly on low-income earners.