Medical engineer salary rises to Rs 4.8 lakh from Rs 3.6 lakh

Medical engineers earn Rs 4,848 per month, up from Rs 473.16 last year, according to data released by the government of the Central Industrial Region (CIR).

The average salary of an engineer in the CIR is Rs 454 per month.

A doctor earns Rs 3,874.96 per month while a technician earns Rs 2,813.71 per month on average.

Medical engineers earn a salary of Rs 1,096.75 per month compared to Rs 935.06 last year.

In the previous financial year, the average salary was Rs 919.71.

The data also shows that the average monthly salary of medical engineers in the region was Rs 1.42 lakh.

As per the data, medical engineers earn less than doctors in other parts of the country.

For the last five years, the annual average salary for medical engineers was Rs 547.72, which was lower than that of other disciplines like architecture and engineering.

While the average annual salary of a medical engineer is Rs 932.37 per month as compared to the Rs 1 lakh per month of doctors, the region of Madhya Pradesh has the lowest average salary, at Rs 922.16 per month for medical engineering.

The data is based on the total gross salary and net salary of all engineers employed in a company, with the difference being due to bonuses.