What’s the deal with Nelson Racing engines?

Posted by Scott on Monday, March 27, 2018 06:15:10 It’s hard to believe that the world of motor racing has just turned a corner in the past few years, but for a while, the engine companies of the world were able to keep up with the pace.

With the arrival of new, affordable engines like the Ferrari 458 Italia, and the Audi R8 LMS, the world’s manufacturers are able to tap into the passion and expertise of their fans and, in some cases, even their own racing drivers.

However, things have not always been so rosy in the world at large.

In an interview with The Motor, Nelson Racing’s CEO and head of marketing and production, Andy Nelson, explains how things have changed in the automotive world, and why it’s time to move on.

What is the deal between Nelson Racing and the Ford engine manufacturer?

The Nelson Racing team has been working closely with Ford for the last five years, building their engine in-house for the Ford GT race car.

The Ford team has also been supplying the Nelson team with some of the parts they need for their own car, such as the V6 engine, as well as other components.

When Ford was able to get their engine certified by FIA for use in their GT race cars, Nelson was able take the opportunity to upgrade their engine for a more competitive car, with the intention of racing in 2019 and 2020.

The engine company also developed a unique exhaust system called “Ferrari V8”, which was designed for the Ferrari F458 Italia.

In addition to the Ford V8 engine, Nelson also has a version of the Ferrari V8 V12 engine, which uses the engine’s direct injection.

This allows for the car to achieve an incredibly high output.

How does the engine work?

The Ferrari V12 is a very fast V12 with a much higher compression ratio than the V8 engines on the market.

Nelson also has access to the V12 V12 version of their engine, with a compression ratio of 6.3:1 and a cylinder head of 1.8:1. 

The Ferrari engine is used in the Ford Mustang GT, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren 650S.

The Ferrari V6 and V8 are the only other V6 engines on this list.

Is the engine rated for competition?

The engine is rated for competitive use at the highest levels, with power to weight ratios ranging from 2.3-2.8, depending on how the engine is designed.

It is also capable of being turbocharged up to the rated power of 1,000bhp, which means it has a maximum torque of around 4,800lb-ft. It also has the highest compression ratio at 1.85:1, which is similar to the output of a Ferrari 458, and has the lowest fuel consumption of any engine on this year’s list.

What is the history of the Ford/Nelson partnership?

The Ford/Sebra collaboration has been around for quite some time.

It began in 1996 when the Ford-owned automaker and its sister company, Senna Automotive, entered into a deal with Senna to supply engine parts to Senna.

The first Ford-built engines were used in both the Ford and Senna GT racers.

After the end of Senna’s GT racing contract, Ford and Nelson continued to work together, and eventually, Nelson signed a sponsorship deal with Ford.

What’s next?

As a result of this relationship, the Nelson and Ford engines are now used in all Ford GT racing cars, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be in the next Ford GT. 

Are you a Ford customer?

Nelson Racing has been using the Ford engines since 2005, and we are currently working with the manufacturer to further enhance the Nelson engine’s capabilities.

We would like to see the Nelson engines being used in future Ford GT racings, with more of an emphasis on high-performance engines.

Are you looking to buy a car from a Ford supplier?


If you are a Ford owner, we have partnered with a number of Ford suppliers.

We are currently looking to partner with another supplier in 2019, and plan to be able to bring the Nelson/Ford engine into the Ford lineup.

Do you have a website?

Yes, you can follow the news about the latest Nelson/Fords news from Nelson’s official Facebook page.

Have you got a tip for us?

If you have any questions about Nelson Racing, contact them via their official website.