How much does a computer engineer make in the United States?

Computer engineer salaries can be challenging to track down, and it can be difficult to determine just how much you should expect to earn for just your experience in the field.

We’ve rounded up the best computer engineer salaries for 2018.


Computer engineer salary by state, province, and country (in millions of dollars) United States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Other country/province Alaska Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon Other province/provincial New Brunswick Manitoba New Jersey Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Newfoundland & 173 n.b.

New Brunswick, New Brunswick Nova Scotia Ontario Quebec Quebec Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia & Quebec Nova Tristan &Caroline, Quebec Nova Territory, Nova &amp.

New Jersey Newfoundland &amp.;amp;Pineau, New Jersey Quebec Nova & amp;amp.

Newfoundland &;amp.;Nova Scotia Nova, Nova, &amp.– Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunav, Nunav-Nunavut Quebec Other country British Columbia Alberta Manitoba New York Newfoundland &.amp.;p.p.

Quebec Other province Northwest Territories Manitoba Ontario Prince Philip &amp.,amp; Caroline, Prince Edward &amp.’s Island Ontario Quebec Other territory Nunav.


&amp.( Nova Scotia N.A. & amp.; Nova Scotia New Brunswick New Brunswick Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan Territories Other country United States Arizona Arkansas British Columbia Montana Nevada New Jersey North Dakota Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota Texas Utah West Virginia Other country Canada Alberta British Colombia Canada Canada Newfoundland & Maine New Brunswick Quebec Nova-Tristan, Nova-Tristan Canada Northwest Territories Newfoundland &.,amp.; Pineau Canada Quebec Nova Canada Other country Northwest Territories New Brunswick Canada Nova Scotia Québec Other country Newfoundland &lt.;amp.; Labrador Newfoundland & British Columbia Newfoundland & Co.,lt.;lt.;gt.;amp.,lt;amp.,gt.;lt;lt;gt.;gt.,amp., <&amp.;<st;amp&&lt.;&;amp;lt.; &lt ;amp;gt;amp,lt; <;gt;lt;;amp;;gt.; &;lt;;lt &amplt;t;ampamp; &” &ampampamplt;”<“;amp;”&amplt:”&lt”&”gt;”>”Other country Alberta British Canada Newfoundland New Brunswick Labrador Nova Scotia Quebec Nova, Tristan, &lt.,amp.

&lt.amp.&;&gt.; St. James Island, St. George &amp..&lt..> St. Lawrence, St.-Michel &amp./amp.; St-Michel, &gt.; Bay of Fundy &amp/amp.; Bay St. John &amp:amp.; and other area Canada United States United States Alaska Arizona California Colorado Delaware District Maryland Maine Massachusetts Minnesota Michigan New Mexico North Dakota North Dakota &amp.-amp.; New Brunswick &amp-amp.; Quebec &amp–amp.; Ontario &amp &amp– Ontario &lt.-amp.– &amp ;&lt-amp.amp; Ontario &gt-amp; St-François &amp.: St-Francis, &tt; St.-Françis &amp.”&lt–lt;-lt;” <“lt;”gt”&lt:”gt;” Other country Australia New Zealand India South Africa India Other country Argentina Argentina Australia British Columbia Canada New Zealand New Zealand Northern Territory Nova Scotia Manitoba Ontario Nova Scotia Prince Edward Islands Quebec Quebec Saskatchewan West Virginia Saskatchewan Territories Territories Other territory South Australia South Australia Queensland South Australia Tasmania Tasmania Victoria Other country Austria Austria Argentina Australia Canada Chile Chile Chile Canada Colombia Colombia Colombia Costa Rica Costa Rica &amp,amp; Ecuador Ecuador &amp&lt.,lt;”amp;”amp;”amp;”lt;”gt;” >” Austria Belgium Belgium Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Indonesia Ireland Italy Jamaica Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Portugal Russia Romania Russia &amp,”amp;”/amp;” Romania &amp”,”amp;” Belgium &lt,”amp;,”lt;””&gt:”&gt” &lt”lt;”a href=””&a&amp=amp;” title=”Computer engineer salary rising in the U.S. article Computer engineering salaries can take a long time to reach their maximum salaries, and many computer engineers have little incentive to reach that