Tech giants raise money for college students, tech startups

Tech companies are raising money for the college students who’ll be making the next big leap into tech careers, and for the entrepreneurs who’ll create the next great Internet company.

The companies include Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others.

They’re asking the public to help them raise money to help the students get a degree, start a business or otherwise get their feet wet in the tech industry.

The students will also get paid.

It’s a new fundraising initiative, but it’s an approach that’s been embraced by tech companies across the country.

This year’s goal: $25 million.

Some of the companies are launching a new crowdfunding platform called the CollegeTechChallenge, and they’re offering a $5,000 bonus for people who meet the college entrance requirements.

So far, about $1.5 million has been raised.

For the next five years, the goal is to raise $1 billion, according to the College Technology Challenge website.

Microsoft says it’s hoping to raise another $50 million.

Microsoft has raised more than $300 million in private investment, including from Microsoft’s co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who have both donated $5 million each.

Other companies are using the same strategy to help students get an education.

Uber has raised $500,000 in private funding, including $400,000 from Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick, and the New York Stock Exchange has given $250,000.

Google has raised almost $200 million, according a Google spokesperson.

The CollegeTech Challenge isn’t just about giving college students a degree.

It also helps people get jobs that can lead to a better future, like working on a startup.

Tech companies like Facebook are asking people to help their students get jobs and make a good living.

They also want to provide a place for students to find jobs that might not exist right now.

Companies that are sponsoring the challenge are trying to make sure they’re providing students with opportunities for career growth.

For Microsoft, this is a new funding model that could help students start businesses, learn new skills and build connections that will help them get a job.

This could help them launch a business, say, at Google.

Microsoft is looking for a startup that can help them recruit talent.

For example, they want a product developer to help develop a new social media service that would enable Facebook to get a piece of the social media market.

The company is looking to hire a developer who can build a product that can enable Facebook and other social networking companies to get some of their data from Facebook.

Microsoft also wants to hire someone who can help the company build and scale a new online service to help Facebook get some data from Google.

Google wants to find a person who can develop a way to analyze the social and behavioral data from users of Google products.

Facebook wants to build a tool that would let Facebook and Google analyze the data on millions of users to find out how people interact and make their communities better.

Microsoft and Google have been working on this project for a while.

The tech companies said they are using a combination of public and private funding.

For years, Microsoft has focused on raising private funding from people and corporations who are interested in supporting the college and career programs.

Microsoft recently raised a $50 billion Series B round, and its founder and CEO, Satya Nadella, told Fortune in January that he has long believed that funding the college education was important for his company and the future of the tech sector.

He said that funding is a key component of his strategy to grow.

“It’s a fundamental element of what we do.

We believe that funding this education is the first step in a long journey to a future where everyone has a chance to thrive,” Nadellas said.

Microsoft said it would be using the money to provide financial assistance to students who have applied for a degree and have not yet received it.

That’s the case for students who already have a degree from a college or university and have been accepted.

Microsoft isn’t the only company looking to help college students.

Facebook said it was partnering with several universities to help its students get the most out of their education, and Google is also looking for people to join its research and development teams.