News24: Construction Engineering – Misfires and breakdowns – Construction Engineering

It was a difficult week for the building engineering team of the National Construction Authority of India (NCA), whose construction projects are beset with delays and delays in the pipeline.

On Tuesday, the company suffered a series of misfires and a breakdown of the pipeline, which caused delays and breakdown in several sectors.

In its second half, the NCA’s project management team was left with a huge number of unanswered questions and questions about what went wrong and how to fix the problems.

The team has already begun to investigate the cause of the mishaps and what steps should be taken to fix it.

“The contractor was not properly trained and the training process was not followed,” said NCA Chairman Javed Raja.

“We will be taking necessary action in this regard,” he said.

“Some of the issues that were raised by the contractor were raised at the time of the project and the project management process has to be re-run.”

The company has been plagued by delays and a series